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Life by Lens – July 2014

Today’s post is part of a monthly project where I share personal photos along with a group of fellow photographers across the country. We call it “Life by Lens”  – for obvious reasons. It is a great way to remind myself to capture special moments in my own family’s life. I really love to follow along with the others in the group and see what they are up to with their lives and the creative ways they document them. For me July always means a trip home to Indiana to visit with family and friends. This was vacation so I tried to give my camera a little rest. That lasted a couple days only and I couldn’t resist pulling it out of the bag. My two kids got to spend a week with their cousin. While they were together I really wanted to get some wall-worthy photos of the grandchildren for my parents. I photograph children all the time, surely this can’t be too hard. Hah! These three goofballs have way too much fun together to be bothered with photos. They literally laughed at me for even trying. I love these guys to death though so they got to go out for their promised ice cream after our shoot even though they gave me a hard time. The second set of photos shows one of my kids favorite outings from this summer. We went to Curtis Hixon Park in downtown Tampa where there are rows and rows of fountains. They had the best time running back and forth thru the water. I think the city setting with the tall buildings surrounding them added to the excitement. This was a little challenging but fun for me to try to catch their expressions thru the spray. There is more summer fun to see in the rest of the Life by Lens circle. Next up is Reena Giola, a fabulous photographer in Tucson Arizona. Click here to see what she is up to!Childrens Photographer Tampa

Life by Lens | Best Friends

“A day spent with a friend is always a day well spent”

Life by Lens is a personal photography project I work on with a group of other photographers across the country. Every month on the 20th we post some of our personal work and link to the others in a blog circle. It is a great way to stay inspired and get to know others that share my same crazy obsession with photography. Make sure to click through the circle – there are such talented photographers to follow. I promise!

This month I’m featuring my daughter and her beautiful friend. These two girls have been besties since they were 4 yrs. old. They’ve stuck together through a move & starting up different schools. Whenever they’re together, there is tons of giggling, whispering and smiling. They were happy to come out with me for a mini photo shoot because they were together and that always makes it fun.

Westchase Childrens Photographer Sherri Kelly


And I can’t forget to say “Happy Easter!” Here are my two showing off their collection from today’s egg hunt.

Westchase childrens photography

Westchase Child Photographer

Next up in the circle is Laura from Lucy Liz Images. She creates gorgeous photos for children and families in Northwest Indiana. Click here  to see her post.


Life by Lens – February 2014

Life by Lens is a monthly blog circle I’m so lucky to be a part of. Every month on the 20th, I along with a group of photography friends across the country post personal photos & projects we are working on and link to each other. It’s a great way to get inspired and see different styles of photography. It’s also a great excuse to try out new ideas and techniques. This month I decided to work on black and white studio photos. Because I’m primarily an outdoor, natural light photographer, this is something different for me. My goal was to create classic portraits that place all the attention on the subject – my son. As much as I love beautiful, sun-lit backgrounds, I’m so happy to have these. The simplicity just shows off my handsome boy.

Childrens Photographer Westchase Tampa

Tampa Childrens Photographer Sherri Kelly

Childrens Photography Tampa Westchase


Thanks for taking a look this month! Next up in the circle is the talented JoAnna Robbins – Click here to see her post.


Life by Lens December

My Family – Holiday Photos

Happy Holidays Everyone! I have been sharing lots of  family sessions lately with everyone getting their portraits in time for Holiday gift giving and cards. Today I’m going to share my very favorite family session – my own! I was lucky to have the amazingly talented Tampa photographer Nghi Le of Nghi Le Photography take our family photos this year. Not only is Nghi a great photographer, she is a very good friend. I am so happy to have her near by to talk shop with, compare notes and all that stuff. We did a session swap. So if you keep going thru this circle, eventually you’ll see her photos that I had a great time doing.

Here we are…I just love these. Thanks Nghi!

Life by Lens Photo Blog Circle

   Be sure to check out some more holidays photos from the other great photographers in this circle. JoAnna Robbins is up next with her breathtaking photos – Click here for her blog.

Back to School

Today is a big big day in our house  – the first day of school! It also happens to be the day of the month I post photos as part of my blog circle. In case you’re not familiar, I am part of a group of many talented photographers from across the country (so lucky they’ll have me!) Every month on the 20th, we share photos documenting a part of our personal lives, “life by lens” and link each other at the end of the post so you can follow along the circle.

My kids are heading out today to 1st and 2nd grades. Such big years for both of them! I really wanted to document their excitement. The yearly photos taken at school don’t tend to be the best, so I decided to do my own little “back to school” photo shoot. I had seen so many cute ideas out there and was excited to have some fun with this. The kids and I gathered up some school supplies and headed to the backyard. They really got into the idea and even picked some of their own accessories. My son picked his favorite item – the globe. He is absolutely fascinated by geography and traveling. My daughter picked her big fake glasses and headphones and even suggested the “school rocks!” line.

Like many mommas, I’m torn today. Happy to have some “me” time back and more time to work but I also will miss spending my days with these crazy two.

Tampa Family Photographer - Back to School kids

Back to School 2013 – Tampa Family Photographer

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